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Air tickets

Purchase of air tickets for a few minutes

Year by year the air transport is becoming increasingly popular. It is most emphatically the leader on the large distances, and has already won a niche at short distances.

Today it is easier to buy air tickets than buy products in a store or bus tickets. To do this, you do not need to go beyond the home or office. A few clicks on our web-site will be enough!

Electronic airline tickets

All the processes in the airline industry are automatized. In particular, usual paper ticket has being long time replaced by the electronic airline tickets. Any printed tickets you receive only for confirmation of your purchase.

To have the passport and to call your flight to airport workers will be enough for your tour.

The safest and fastest way to travel

According to statistics, air transport is the safest of all the available to the citizens of Ukraine. Only by plane you can reach any point on the planet for a few hours. Naturally, the flight may be cancelled or delayed due to natural disasters or coups. But even in this case you can always count on a refund paid for air tickets.